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Prysmian Powerlink

Prysmian Powerlink - Borwin HVAC GT1 north location cable deburial.

James Fisher Subsea Excavation was contracted to supply the SP6000 Mass Flow Excavation equipment, including LARS system, to remove the backfill covering a 310m length of cable to be exposed for repair. Care had to be taken not to lower the cable further into the seabed. The 8" Borwin HVAC cable had previously been trenched to a depth of approximately 1m. The cable was to be recovered to the surface and repaired before being replaced into the existing trench.

The SP6000 system is ideal for this type of application. The low pressure, non-contact form of excavation means there is no chance of damaging any subsea infrastructure.

The outcome

The SP6000 equipment spread was trucked from JFSE's base in Oldmeldrum, Scotland to the Port of Emden in Germany where it was loaded onto the Prysmian vessel Giulio Verne.

James Fisher Subsea Excavation's dedicated LARS, used to overboard and operate the SP6000, made the entire operation extremely safe and efficient. The SP6000 was lowered to operational depth within 25 minutes.

The existing trench was identified using the Multibeam Echosounder mounted on board the SP6000. Deburial of the 310m length of cable took approximately 6 hours to complete.


Prysmian Powerlink case study download (301KB)