Graham Murdoch’s 20 years in the subsea excavation sector recognised

When our technical director Graham Murdoch embarked on his subsea excavation career in 1998, little could he imagine the impact this technology would have on the marketplace.

His two decades of service to controlled flow excavation was marked with the gifting of a bottle of local Oldmeldrum whisky Glen Garioch, crystal glasses and a round of golf.

Graham has played an integral role in the development of the controlled flow excavation sector and its technologies. His detailed working knowledge of hundreds of successful projects and innovative designs make him one of the foremost experts in subsea excavation.

Kenneth R Mackie, managing director at JFSE, has worked alongside Graham for the majority of his career. He said:

“The absolute backbone of our products and services offering is our people. We have the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful subsea excavation team in the world and Graham plays a very central role. His technical expertise is unparalleled and we were delighted to recognise this achievement.”

Graham started his subsea excavation career as a project engineer following roles in the water industry. He has a civil engineering degree from RGU.

He said:

“The past two decades have seen mass, later known as controlled, flow excavation grow from a concept to being the foremost solution for subsea excavation projects. It has been great to be so closely involved with this development, working alongside a superb core team that has remained unchanged throughout the years.”

The JFSE team, made up of Graham’s fellow industry experts, has been the driving force behind the successful completion of almost 500 projects in 49 countries.