JFSE completes its longest trenching project ahead of schedule

James Fisher Subsea Excavation has completed its longest pipeline trenching project to date in the team’s 19-year history as the leading experts in the field of CFE.

The company’s proven experience and breadth of knowledge secured the contract which saw a six-man squad deploy JFSE’s SP6000 with Launch and Recovery (LARS) and patented jetting system to complete the 110km post-lay project ahead of schedule for a project in the Arabian Sea.

The innovative technology allowed operations to progress at a faster pace than anticipated, despite the challenging environment of strong currents and unpredictable seas. Using the specialised LARS equipment also freed up the vessel’s crane for simultaneous operations.

The contract, part of a major pipeline completion programme ,comes on the back of 11 other projects successfully completed in the area by JFSE in recent years.

Faisel Chaudry, JFSE’s regional director said:

“Our experience of post-lay trenching in the region was vitally important and gave

 our client the confidence that we could truly deliver a time and cost-efficient solution to their excavation requirements.

“Completing such an impressive project running to a record 110km is a significant milestone in our company’s achievements and demonstrates our ongoing quest to strive for bigger and better results for our clients.”