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SP6000 Excavation tool

Deployed over a vessel side and operated remotely from its deck, the JFSE SP6000 works by producing a controllable column of water, the pressure of which effectively excavates the seabed. See us deploy our SP6000 in this video and watch as it prepares the seabed for a multitude of projects.

JFSE, the world’s most trusted, experience and innovative provider of controlled flow excavation services, has completed its first project in Taiwan

The deburial and retrenching of a cable for maintenance at the Formosa 1 offshore wind farm development takes the total of renewables projects its expert team has been responsible for to more than 70.

JFSE's Twin R2000's non-contact method and ability to operate in very shallow water depths was critical to the success of the excavation which was completed in just 50 hours - significantly ahead of schedule.