The multipurpose MultiROV is a significant advancement in subsea controlled flow excavation technology.

The MultiROV increases project productivity and can be utilised to operate multiple tooling commonly found on IRM campaigns. The system’s configuration means it can also be deployed in water depths in excess of 3000m bringing the benefits of CFE to the deep-water market.

On-board thrusters allow lateral movement and heading control which increases the operational window and productivity. It also means that there is no requirement for stabilising wires as found on standard CFE equipment.

The system as standard also has the data hosting ability to run a multitude of survey sensors meaning there are flexible options for the real-time data that can be captured during operations.
Additional capabilities of the MultiROV allow for the deployment and use of multiple other subsea tooling including shears, cutters and grabs.

Applications and features include:

  • Deepwater applications to 3000m+
  • Use of thrusters to position subsea tools over the target 
  • Additional subsea tooling can be operated from the MultiROV such as grabs, shears and suction dredgers
  • Minimum water depth required is only 4m
  • It weighs 2.5Te and it is 2.15m x 2.15m x 1.7m (L, H, W)
  • The system can be interfaced with several sensors for survey operations such as cameras and Multi-Beam Sonars
  • It can be used for a wide variety of excavation requirements

For more information, download the MultiROV specification sheet