R4HP excavation tool

The R4HP provides a unique, double propeller solution for precision cutting through the hardest of soils.

Capable of being mobilised globally, the R4HP is ideal for delivering key excavation works on assets that are still live and require a high level of sensitivity. Specifically designed for the hardest of seabed soils in extreme conditions, the RH4P comes as an integrated and tailored solution with containerised spares, supporting hose reels and launch system.

Not only can the RH4P support burial and deburial inspection, and repair and maintenance scopes in areas of challenging access, but it can provide decommissioning work in both the oil and gas and renewable industries, making it one of the most flexible and dynamic tools available.


  • Spudcan clearance
  • Abandonment excavation
  • IRM subsea solutions
  • Excavation - specifically conductors, wellheads, valves and subsea structures
  • Rock dump removal

Download the RH4P specification sheet now for more information.