SP6000 excavation tool

Utilising a specialised Launch and Recovery System (LARS) deployment, the SP6000 enables greater operational performance.

Suitable for mobilisation on a wide range of vessels due to its compact arrangement, the SP6000 delivers flexible controlled flow excavation solutions and enables cost-effective decision making.

With a single controlled column of water, the SP6000 delivers a non-contact form of excavation that eliminates the risks associated with physical contact, especially around complex subsea assets.

The SP6000's capability is further enhanced as it utilises real-time sonar monitoring to enable precision excavation both within constrained areas and over long distances.


  • Pipeline and cable trenching
  • Decommissioning and salvage
  • Deburial for IRM works
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Drill cuttings dispersal
  • Freespan rectifications
  • Seabed clearance and preparation

Download the SP6000 specification sheet for more information.