T4000 excavation tool

Recognised as one of the most effective subsea excavators, the T4000 has a unique patented design.

Exerting a large, controlled column of vertical water at a velocity of up to 4000 litres per second, the T4000 enables a fast and cost-effective controlled flow excavation solution.

The T4000 has a highly accurate flow rate that is gyroscopically stable and uniquely suited to support excavation and deburial IRM operations. Combining real-time sonar monitoring with unrivalled in-house expertise, the T4000 delivers operational accuracy ensuring projects are delivered on-time and within budget.

With an excellent, proven track record for performance in a wide range of applications, customers can be reassured that with our team and our innovative tools, their assets are being managed by the best the industry has to offer.


  • Seabed preparation
  • Deburial for IRM activities
  • Pipeline and cable lowering
  • Pipeline and cable crossings
  • Pre-sweeping and freespan rectification
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Decommissioning work
  • Real-time sonar monitoring

Download the T4000 specification sheet now for more information.

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