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T8000 excavation tool

The T8000's unique design delivers high volume water to large and challenging areas of excavation.

The T8000 controlled flow excavation tool generates a large volume of water which travels vertically down in a column to the seabed at a velocity of up to 10m per second.

Our patented design allows for an unparalleled, highly accurate flow rate providing customers with a variety of application solutions including cable trenching with the reliability necessary to manage their subsea assets.

Drawing upon our unrivalled in-house expertise, the T8000 benefits from real-time sonar monitoring for operational accuracy and customer satisfaction.


  • Seabed preparation
  • Deburial for IRM activities
  • Pipeline and cable lowering
  • Pipeline and cable crossings
  • Pre-sweeping and freespan rectification
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Decommissioning work
  • Real-time sonar monitoring

Download the T8000 specification sheet now for more information and have a look at our Twin T8000 specification sheet too.

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