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Twin R2000 excavation tool

Utilising two controllable columns of water, the Twin R2000 is ideal for non-contact excavation in shallow water.

The Twin R2000's ability to perform in shallow water is unparalleled. Enabling fast and efficient operational solutions, it has a proven track record for global application.  

Requiring minimal deck space, the Twin R2000 provides operational flexibility for non-contact excavation. Excavating at a velocity of up to 10m per second, in depths starting from 1m, it produces up to 4m3 of water per second.


  • Seabed preparation
  • Deburial for IRM activities
  • Pipeline and cable lowering
  • Pipeline and cable crossing
  • Pre-sweeping and free span rectification
  • Decommissioning of work shore approach
  • Real-time sonar monitoring

Download the Twin R2000 specification sheet for more information.

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