Twin T8000 excavation tool

The Twin T8000 has the highest volume output of any controlled flow excavator tool in the world.

The Twin T8000 brings together the benefits of our uniquely designed, well-proven and established T8000 technology with double the capabilities.

With a maximum volume output of 16,000 litres per second it is capable of excavating up to 60” of pipeline in a single pass to 1m top of pipe.

Despite its massive power, our innovative and patented design is a precision tool capable of controlling trench accuracy to within 300mm. The Twin T8000 also benefits from real-time sonar monitoring for operational accuracy and customer satisfaction.


  • Pipeline trenching
  • Decommissioning and salvage
  • Reburial for IRM works
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Free span rectifications
  • Seabed clearance and preparation

PDF icon.png For more information download the Twin T8000 specification sheet.

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