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Subsea excavation tools

James Fisher Subsea Excavation is an industry leader with an unrivalled selection of in-house controlled flow excavation tooling.

James Fisher Subsea Excavation's (JFSE) in-house expertise enables it to support customers in meeting their exacting project requirements. JFSE is a world leader in delivering a wide range of innovative controlled flow excavation solutions. From project planning to execution, all aspects of our services are undertaken by experienced professionals who ensure safe and efficient delivery at all times.

Our assets and in-depth industry experience makes us the industries’ choice when delivering world leading subsea excavation solutions, especially in areas of difficult access which require unique or specific tooling such as the Twin R2000, T4000 and T8000.

With strategic global locations, we offer rapid mobilisation worldwide to support a comprehensive range of services. A single point of contact coordinates delivery and works with customers to ensure complete project control to meet objectives on-time and within budget.