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TwinProp excavation tool

As a next generation controlled flow excavation tool, the TwinProp delivers operational flexibility against a wide range of project applications. 

The TwinProp controlled flow excavator provides a state-of-the-art solution. Using two counter rotating propellers, it increases operational efficiency by targeting both sides of large pipelines and cables.

Proven within the subsea excavation market, it can be deployed effectively from a crane or an A frame on a wide range of vessels and requires minimal deck space.

Operating on multiple configurations, the TwinProp’s counter rotating propellers allows gyroscopic stability enabling operational accuracy which makes it the most versatile mass flow excavation tool in the world. 


  • Pipeline and cable trenching
  • Decommissioning and salvage
  • De-burial for IRM works
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Drill cutting dispersal
  • Free span rectifications
  • Seabed clearance and preparation

Download the TwinProp specification sheet for more information.