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Gulf of Mexico Conductor Excavation

James Fisher Subsea Excavation undertakes conductor excavation to enable diver intervention  

James Fisher Subsea Excavation was contracted to excavate around a 36” conductor to a depth of 15 – 20’ to allow divers to set an external cutting tool.

Our T4000 mass flow excavation spread on board the Lift Boat ‘Superior Liberty’ in the US Gulf of Mexico. The client’s requirement was to excavate 15 – 20’ below seabed with enough slope angle in the sand to allow safe diver access.


The T4000 was fitted with a 10’ extension to keep the working parts of the tool clear of any debris and deployed using the Lift Boat’s crane. Using the real time sonar mounted on the T4000, the conductor stub was located and the excavation commenced around that point.

A hole, approximately 100’ x 100’ at seabed x 18’ deep was excavated in just under 20 hours. The divers were able to set the saw and the cut was successfully made.


Gulf of Mexico conductor excavation download (181KB)