JFSE’s Houston base hat trick of projects


James Fisher Subsea Excavation’s (JFSE) strategically placed geographical spread of its market-leading range of equipment ensures clients receive a tailored, solutions-driven service.

The controlled flow excavation services company has, in the past week, completed two projects and mobilised a third from its Houston base for projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

The projects are:

  • The excavation of an exit pit, spot excavations for over 120 pipeline clamps to be installed and the lowering of a 42” pipeline. Deploying its Excavation Plus service, JFSE provided its Twin R2000, project management and winches.
  • The excavation of the seabed to allow for the installation of a pipeline spool piece and the lowering of a 36” pipeline utilising its Twin Prop.
  • Post-lay trenching of 2.2km of 12” pipeline. This project, again utilising a tailored Excavation Plus solution, sees JFSE provide its T4000, survey and back deck equipment.

Provision of the back deck services in these particular projects has been supported by JFSE’s sister company James Fisher Offshore and third party companies.

Contact Steven Kaub for more information on our US and Gulf of Mexico based services.